About From Daniel

Hello, my dear dog-fanciers,

Do you love your four-legged friends? I am sure you do. These loving and loyal creatures are rewarding. They give you back more affection and protection than you give them. Your lovely pets accompany you on walks, letting you exercise. They relieve stress, making you feel safer.

But your congenial canines need a lot of care and training: you are to understand their behavior and language. Dog beds are essential, as well as healthy feeding. Your four-legged friends need comfort and warmth. Elderly animals and certain breeds require support for their joints and backs. So, I’d like to share my experience and intelligence with you.

Who I Am?

My name is Daniel. I grew up and live now in Roseburg, Oregon. It’s a safe, green and beautiful city. People are friendly, sociable, easy to start a conversation on the street or in a store. Living in a warm, welcoming community is a pleasure! Natural beauty around is another, and, maybe, a primary benefit.

Sunbreaks are rare, but they let you enjoy spectacular views of the mountains. I love hiking in the sticks! It’s exciting to explore nature, visiting amazing waterfalls or colossal lakes. Quite naturally, my cherished dogs accompany me. Now, I own two charming pet friends. The first is Great Dane. His name is Splash. The second one is a female German Shepherd. Her name is Britta.

Why Do I Want to Share with You?

Owning my lovely dogs, looking after them, I’ve got a grip of experience. I love walking Splash and Britta and training them. Living in a private house, they get enough space and freedom. My giant and agile pets appreciate it. Each of them has specific health problems and sleeping requirements. Thus, caring for my dogs. I’ve got positive experience. Additionally, I read a lot about my dogs, their breeds and personality traits. Studying experts’ opinions, I try to have a better idea of their needs. Scientific researches are also useful. Sharing this information with you, I hope it would be helpful. So, have a flare with your lovely pets and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Kind regards,


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