How Big Should a Dog Bed Be?

how big should a dog bed be
Going to adopt a puppy, you might love your cute, four-legged friend. It’s undoubtedly, a great rewarding experience. You get a lot of affection and joy. But, on the other hand, it’s also a huge responsibility. Prepare for this terrific event, getting some supplies. How big should a dog bed be? It depends on multiple factors. Your pet’s size and breed are decisive. Consider your dog’s age, weight, and habits. Health issues matter. There are multiple options on the market. I hope, this article helps you select a comfortable sleeping place for your lovely pet.

Do Dogs Really Need Beds?

Before adopting a puppy, be ready to make your cherished pet healthy and happy. Meeting your dog’s basic needs is a must. Firstly, they include food and exercise. Secondly: shelter, cleanliness, and veterinary care. After that, your per requires training, feeding, attention, and grooming.

For example, essential dog supplies include water and food bowls. Moreover, several toys, a brush, and special shampoo are necessary. Similarly, a bed or a crate with pads is on the list. According to the National Sleep Foundation, puppies sleep up to 18-20 hours a day. Adult dogs spend up to 80% of the day in their beds, sleeping and lying awake.

what size bed should i get my dogTherefore, a good, comfortable bed is important for your cherished canine. It is to contain soft and durable pet bed material, meeting their need for:

  • protection;
  • security;
  • support;
  • insulation;
  • ownership;
  • health.

Quite naturally, a dog feels comfortable in your bed. American Pet Products Association studied it in its survey. The research showed that 42% of dog owners allowed their pets to sleep in human beds. It could give both your pet and you a sense of security. But it’s unhealthy and unhygienic. Finally, you need privacy and intimacy. A dog in your bed can ruin your marital relationship.


Do Dogs Like Small Beds?

Your dog might prefer sleeping under your bed. It makes your lovely pet feel safe. Dogs hide under the beds, as they prefer contained spaces. In the wild, wolves sleep in dens. A puppy could follow his/her basic instinct this way. In a dark, small area, they feel safe and relax easily.

If none of your family members suffers from an allergy, you can allow it. Just make sure, your pet is healthy, dewormed, and vaccinated in time. Clean your home every day, removing pet hair before bedtime or in the morning. Or find a similar spot within your house and make it comfortable.

are dog beds importantHow Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have? If you can afford and recreate several ones, it’s preferable. One of them may be in a living room, another one in a hallway or kitchen. This area is to be:

  1. Enclosed.
  2. Stable.
  3. Warm enough.
  4. Quiet.
  5. Close to your bedroom.

Dogs are afraid of thunder, rain, and firework sounds. Feeling scared, your pet would hide in a dark, tight place. Best dog beds for puppies that chew is durable, scratch-resistant. It might be covered, placed in a corner or under a staircase. Above all, find a safe, snuggly nook, protected on two or three sides. Or let your pet sleep where he or she wants. Put a suitable dog bed there: if you know how to select it, for sure.

What Size Dog Bed Does a Jack Russell Need?

Your pooch should have enough space to relax. But an enormous pet bed is needless. To select the correct size, measure your dog from the nose to the tail. It’s better to do while your canine is sleeping. Jack Russel is a relatively small dog. Its height is 8-12 inches. A terrier weighs 14-18 lbs. The breed is energetic but short-legged.

Jack Russel dogs might suffer from hip joints health issues. They need warmth and comfort, especially in winter. Bed sizing rules are simple. As your dog is small, add 6-8 inches to its length, at least. Refer to a round dog bed size chart below.

Pet Size, in.Pet Weight, lbsBed Diameter, in.Breed Example
Border Collie
English Bulldog
Golden Retriever

What size dog bed for Doberman do you need? Quite naturally, large pets need big cribs to relax and take a nap. The bedding should be 3 inches thick, at least. Any dog not healthy enough to lay on a hard and cold floor surface. It could cause arthritis and other diseases.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Dog Bed?

Large dogs, like St. Bernards or Newfoundlands, are long sleepers. They need a spacious, comfortable, but not too warm place to have endless naps. Short-haired canines, such as Vizsla, Boxer, or Pinscher need additional warmth.

So, consider the canine bed’s type. It could be:

  • standard;
  • donut;
  • nest-shaped;
  • elevated;
  • covered;
  • kennel.

Orthopedic and memory foam beds meet the needs of elderly pets. Your pooch might prefer your old lounge or couch. A sofa-style would become his or her favorite place to sleep. Dog sofas are stylish, chew-proof, supportive, and warm. Heated and covered bedding suit small and short-haired breeds.

Materials also matter. How often should I get my dog a new bed? These accessories last for years. They consist of durable, machine-washable, practical fabrics. Tough materials withstand chewing, biting, and scratching on the surface. The bed could be soft or waterproof. Anyway, synthetic fabric of your choice is non-toxic and top-quality.

Final Words

Adopting a puppy, arrange a comfortable sleeping place for your pet. You don’t have to not change it very often. When your pet is small, add some pads or blankets. Remove them later, letting your pooch have enough space to sleep. Sizing is an important factor. Consider it, while choosing a dog bed. Type, materials, comfort, warmth also matter. Even your climate and room temperature could make a difference. But every breed is special. Try to learn as much as possible about your pet. It helps you to make your four-legged friend healthy and happy.

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