How to Keep Dog Off Bed at Night?

how to keep dog off bed at night
Your four-legged may like sleeping in your bed with you: many dogs do. It gives them a sense of warmth, protection, and closeness. Every canine needs to be a member of your horde or family. Sometimes it’s not healthy and not comfortable. How to keep dog off bed at night? You may love sharing bed with your pet. But if you realize the reasons why to avoid it, take action.

You’ll need a lot of time, patience, and consistency. There are multiple methods to train your dog. They include attractive and not very pleasant techniques. Anyway, your pet needs to get his or her own, suitable and comfortable bed. Finally, both you and your dog get several important benefits from your decision. So, let’s get started.

Why Does My Dog Go Under the Bed?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 67% of US households own a pet. 85 million Americans and their family members are pet owners. 63.4 million dogs live in their houses or apartments. Many people treat their canines like children. They consider themselves to be “pet parents”.

Let your pets feel safe but work on their manners and obedience. Hiding under your bed, an adult pet might be scared. Dogs do like sleeping in your bed. What are the basic reasons?pros and cons of dog sleeping in your bed

  1. It seems to be the warmest, most comfortable place in the house.
  2. It makes your pet dogs feel safe and secure.
  3. Your body heat allures them.
  4. They want to express their love and affection to you.
  5. It’s an expression of dominance.

According to the AKC club, training a dog to sleep alone is necessary. It lets you avoid some pet behavior issues. Additionally, sleeping with your pet might affect your health. Allergy is not the only possible complication. A recent Mayo Clinic Study shows it causes sleep disruptions.

How to Get a Dog to Lay on a New Dog Bed?

Owing a dog benefits you for sure. It lets you exercise, feel safer, reduce stress and avoid depression. Pet owners live longer, exercising more. They are less prone to cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, a study conducted in 2015 proved that pet ownership is beneficial. It makes people more sociable.

Dogs love living with you too. They get food, water, housing, and a lot of your attention. Puppies need much more care. They have never slept alone. So, we are to consider sleeping needs of our pets. Every dog breed has peculiarities and special breeding requirements. How big should a dog bed be? Let’s consider several cases.

Dog BreedPet Size, inBed Length, in.Sleeping Needs and Issues
Shih Tzu9-10.520-25warmth (around 75°F), snoring loudly
Basset Hound11-1525-30a separate place to nap, supportive mattress
Great Dane28-3450-60elevated, long-lasting support
Saint Bernard26-3055-60orthopedic, cooling

So, how to get a dog to use a new bed? First of all, find a top-quality, comfortable dog bed. Place it into a safe, cozy nook. New smells may put your pet on the alert. In some days, he or she gets accustomed to them. But the upholstery should contain only non-toxic and durable fabrics.

How to Get Your Dog to Sleep Through the Night?

Dogs are crepuscular animals. They derived from wolves that are active at dawn and dusk. Living with their owners, pets adjust their sleeping patterns to human schedules. Commonly, they stay home alone in daytime. So, most dogs prefer to sleep all day and play at night. Lack of exercise and stress could make your dog restless.

Why do dogs tear up their beds? Excess of energy and boredom might make your cherished pet destructive. Does your dog wake up several times per night? It would happen because:

  • you are absent all day long and your pet is bored alone;
  • he or she needs more mental and physical exercise;
  • your pet eats too much human-grade food close to bedtime;
  • it’s necessary to spend more time outdoors;
  • special health problems disturb your lovely canine.

My dog keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. If your pet doesn’t like his or her sleeping place, it might happen. It could be a sign of anxiety, loneliness, or a serious disease. In case of danger, strange pet behavior saves your life. A dog would behave aggressively, trying to dominate. Establish your leadership to avoid disobedience.

How to Train a Dog to Sleep in His Bed?

You love your cherished dog and pay him a lot of attention. Your lovely pet may be cuddly, quiet, and cute. But your canine has his own sleeping needs and habits. When a dog jumps on bed in middle of night, it doesn’t benefit his or her joints.

At night, you are to have some rest and privacy. Your spouse or bedfellow needs a lot of your attention too. Human intimacy and bonding require some time and sleeping space. Don’t forget about allergy issues. Carrying bacteria, your pet would communicate a disease to you.

So, you should train your four-legged friend to sleep in his/her dog bed. Therefore:how to train a dog to sleep in his bed

  1. Buy a comfortable, roomy dog bed.
  2. Place it in a warm, cozy spot like a living room.
  3. Encourage your pet to sleep there, using her/her favorite toys and treats.
  4. Walk your dog before bed.
  5. Use a command to go to bed.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. Ignore whining.
  8. Limit access to your bed.

You are to establish boundaries. Keep your pet inside a crate for some hours a day, if necessary. It’s important to eliminate all unpleasant odors and harsh sounds. On the contrary, place your shirt or blanket to the dog’s bed. It should smell like you and it comforts your pet.


Sleeping with your dog seems to be peaceful and secure. Sometimes it’s not healthy and not positive. Don’t let your cherished pet become disobedient and dominant. Arrange a comfortable, warm, and pleasant sleeping place for the dog. It lets all your family members and pets remain healthy and safe. Avoid conflicts between them and sleep all night soundly through.

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