How to Stop Dog from Sleeping in Bed with You?

how to stop dog sleeping in bed with you
Are you going to adopt a puppy? It’s a great decision. I hope, the breed you like is not spendy. Training a shelter or rescue dog would be challenging, but it’s worth it. Your new, fluffy companion is cute. Playful canine keeps you active but requires special care. How to stop dog sleeping in bed with you? Young and small dogs are sensitive to cold. In winter, you would try hard to keep your pets warm. Puppies can’t sleep alone on the floor and keep healthy. But later, in spring, or when your puppy is growing giant, you are to train your dog. How to avoid behavioral problems? Let me recommend some tricks to you.

What Happens If You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

A newborn or recently adopted puppy may start sleeping with you. At first, you would like it. Cuddling or snuggling with you in bed, your fluffy pet feels like a radiator. Dogs’ body is hot, standing out by 101-102.5 °F normal temperature. Humans’ body temperature is 98-99 degrees normally.

It lets you feel safer and easier, relieving anxiety. Do you welcome your dog in your bed? Research shows that 45% of people do. It may be comfortable, calming and easy. Your dog would wake you up, sensing danger. But letting a canine in your bedroom may pose a grip of risks.

Why do dogs tear up their beds? Even the animals that look like toys scratch their beds. It’s their natural instinct, and young puppies are hella destructive. Other significant risks include:

  • diseases;
  • fleas and parasites;
  • allergy;
  • relation issues;
  • sleep interruption.

Sick animals require veterinary help. They may spread meningitis and zoonotic diseases. A study shows, your lovely pets can transmit coronavirus infections. So, you are to care for them, keeping away from your bed.

why is it bad for a dog to sleep in bed with you

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Wants to Sleep with You?

If you are kind to your naughty pets, they should love you. Above all, a faithful companion would like to stay close to his or her owner. A dog might wish to protect you from danger. These animals are social. In the wild wolves grew accustomed to living and sleeping in packs.

Additionally, your cherished pets might seek:

  1. Warmth.
  2. Comfort.
  3. Security.
  4. Companionship.

Dogs may also like to establish dominance over you or your family members. Other pets like cats or smaller dogs are taken for granted. It could cause behavior issues like disobedience or aggression. Thus, you have to act as a pack chief, gently, but confidently.

Sometimes, my dog sleeps on the floor instead of her bed. In summer, Britta can do as she pleases. Long-haired animals might feel too hot under the cover. They would prefer spending time outdoors. Besides, even the medium-length, thick coat provides proper insulation. Short-haired dogs, like Splash, are to sleep indoors, in comfortable conditions. The short coat doesn’t protect his skin completely. So, he is hella sensitive to cold, elements and sunlight.

is it good to sleep with your dog

Do Dogs Know When Humans Are Sleeping?

Your cuddly pets sense your emotions, for sure. They fall asleep and wake up faster than humans. Will they take this advantage and disturb your sleep? It depends on the dog’s personality and relationship with you. My lovely pets are highly intelligent. These quick learners and loyal companions won’t sleep on top of you or each other.

Is it unhygienic to let your dog sleep in your bed? An animal may smell bad, snore loudly or kick you while sleeping. Even short-haired breeds shed. In spring, it could become heavy. Additionally, spending much time outdoors, dogs may spot your sheets.

Regular bathing and brushing are essential. Meanwhile, find a comfortable spot for your pet. Buy a suitable dog bed and place it there. It lets you:

  • preserve your furniture and bedding;
  • prevent illnesses;
  • reduce kicking and falling risks;
  • avoid distress;
  • get enough sleep.

Every dog needs his or her own space. Arrange it close to your bedroom, in a hall or living room. Proper insulation from cold and draughts is also essential. It keeps your cherished pets from catching colds and other health issues.

do dogs know when humans are sleep

Why Is It Bad for a Dog to Sleep in Bed with You?

Sharing your bed with a healthy pet might be beneficial. It depends on the dog breed, your climate and season. Researchers from Mayo Clinic prove it shouldn’t impact your sleep quality. It might increase your pet’s sleep efficiency. But your cherished pet may prefer to sleep alone.

Your bed might be too hot, soft or small for your pooch. So, 17% of dogs like sleeping in their own beds. 4% of owners use outdoor cages or shelters. How big should a dog bed be? It depends on your pet’s size and breed.

Group of DogsExample of BreedWeight, lbsBed Length, in.
ToyPug, Shih Tzu, Maltese12 or less30
SmallBeagle, Dachshund12-2535
MediumPoodle, Bulldog, Brittany25-5040
LargeRottweiler, Boxer50-10045
GiantGreat Dane, Mastiff, Borzoiover 10050

Every breed has special sleeping needs. Orthopedic vs memory foam dog bed is supportive. It prevents spinal problems or alleviates joint pain. Splash needs it for sure due to specific Great Dane bone issues. Britta is younger, but she weighs 68 pounds. So, it would be useful too.

Bottom Line

A cute cuddly puppy is fearful and defenseless. He or she would feel safe and comfortable in your bed. If the breed is not toy or small, don’t let it. Growing up, your charming pet might become disobedient. What if you have several cats and dogs? It shouldn’t become a problem. So, buy a comfortable dog bed at once. Position it in a quiet, warm place, close to your bed or bedroom. Encourage your puppy to sleep there. Use his or her favorite toys and treats. Start training your dogs when they are still very young. Establish efficient communication with them. Enjoy piece of mind and harmony in your house.

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