Orthopedic vs Memory Foam Dog Bed: What is better?

orthopedic vs memory foam dog bed
Do you live in a large house? Your lovely pooch could find several cozy nooks and corners inside it to have a nap. Every pet should have his/her personal bed. Getting older, canines get special sleeping needs. You’ll have to buy a special mattress for your lovely pet. Let’s compare orthopedic vs memory foam dog bed. Is there any difference? Think about your pet’s needs and health issues. I hope, this article helps you to realize the necessity. Gain insight into supportive sleeping places benefits. This way, you select the product that improves quality of your pet’s life.

Do Dogs Need Orthopedic Beds?

A healthy, adult dog can sleep anywhere within your house. Your lovely pet would love to have a nap on a fuzzy carpet in a living room. When the weather is sunny, he or she could even start dozing in the yard. Your dog must have a comfortable, warm place to sleep. It could be in a hallway or near your bedroom.

A traditional dog’s mat is enough in many cases. But your dog might need additional support. There are many reasons to buy best memory foam dog bed. It’s essential when your cherished pooch is:

  1. Getting older.
  2. Suffering from an injury.
  3. Recovering from a neuromuscular surgery.
  4. Is in bad pain or discomfort.
  5. Having musculoskeletal disorders.

Dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia need special, top-quality dog beds. An elderly pet needs additional warms and body support. A piece of professional veterinary advice is essential. Being amateur dog fanciers, we can only try to tell apart the basic supporting mattress types.

is orthopedic mattress better than memory foam

Is Orthopedic Mattress Better than Memory Foam?

It’s difficult to confuse these mattress types. Both of them are supportive. They align your dog’s spine and body curves. So, they are comfortable and soft, letting your pet sleep soundly all night through. What beds do dogs prefer? They need warms, security and stability. Let’s check, which bedding types meet these needs optimally.

FactorMemory FoamOrthopedic
Applicationcomfort, pressure eliminationjoint, neck and back pain alleviation
Actionconforms to the body curvessupports the dog’s body
Constructionframeless, flatframed, bolstered
Stylerectangular, round, donutsofa, cuddled

Human orthopedic mattresses feature separate springs, housed in fabric pockets. They move independently, following our moves. Dog beds have no springs or supportive lamels. They contain only pet-safe, durable parts and materials.

What is the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed?

The products differ only by the type of filler and construction. They include cedar shavings, cotton, and polyester fibers. A dog mattress may contain:what is the best orthopedic dog bed

  • grains,
  • rags;
  • sand;
  • wood chips;
  • feathers;
  • latex;
  • nut hulls.

The fillers absorb odors and retain heat. Orthopedic canine mattresses consist of certified materials. They may include solid, high-density foam, but it’s only a part of the construction. The premium products are thick, durable, and supportive.

Best dog beds for large dogs have a therapeutic effect. They reduce joint pain, letting your cherished pet relax and sleep well. Small, toy-breed puppies need soft, fluffy padding. They don’t require intense daily exercise. Short walks are often enough.

Large dogs are prone to injuries and musculoskeletal issues. Due to high body mass, large breeds are prone to hip dysplasia. This painful condition affects mastiffs, bulldogs, Rottweilers, Great Dane canines. Medium-size dogs that stand out by thin, bony frames suffer from pressure sores. Whippets, greyhounds need additional support. So, orthopedic beds usually come in medium and large models.

Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Really Help?

You can use an orthopedic bed as a proactive measure. Elderly dogs commonly start graying. They lose muscle mass, requiring a special diet and support. What is the best elevated dog bed? These structures are heavy-duty, durable. They suit both outdoor and indoor use.

But repeated jumping up and down could be not beneficial when your pet gets older. Dog’s joints may become stiff or start losing their mobility. Normal or abnormal tear and wear cause discomfort. These issues are not possible to prevent completely.

orthopedic dog beds workBut you can alleviate your pooch’s pain and discomfort, using an orthopedic dog bed. These products:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • keep dog’s spine aligned;
  • relieve pressure;
  • promote healing;
  • prevent inflammatory changes.

Bolsters keep your pet’s head elevated. It promotes decompressing dog’s neck and spine. Sleeping on comfortable mats relieves stress. This way, your cherished pet has a good rest. Avoiding pressures and pains, he or she becomes more mobile and active in the morning. Orthopedic beds are beneficial in any dog age, for any breed. They promote maintaining good health condition for years, prolonging your pet’s life.

Is Memory Foam Good for Dog Beds?

Memory foam is an innovative material. NASA invented it in the 1966th. Its initial application was in aircraft seats’ improvement. It’s a kind of polyurethane. The foam consists of numerous open cells. Chemicals in its composition increase the foam density. So, this innovative material is:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • pain-relieving;
  • supportive;
  • adjustable;
  • anti-microbial.

Memory foam is elastic and viscous. It changes its shape, stretching slowly when you apply some pressure on it. Then it returns to its original form. Does your dog have trouble sleeping, changing sleeping positions too often? Memory foam adjusts to them, contouring the dog’s body.

The material doesn’t hold dust, mold and pollen inside its cells. It doesn’t let dust mites into the mattress. Unfortunately, the foam may be heavy, too hot, and not waterproof. But it’s durable. Best washable dog beds usually contain this material. They last for 7-10 years, being soft, comfy, and practical.

One layer inside an orthopedic dog bed could be memory foam. These items may look like rectangular mattresses. They are thick, soft, and warm. Featuring non-slip, rubber backing, the mats lay on the bare floors. They suit small and young dogs that need comfort, but not therapeutic effect.

Final Words: Orthopedic vs Memory Foam Dog Bed

You’ve calculated, how big should a dog bed be. It’s half the battle. Now you can select suitable materials. Consider your pet’s breed, age, and health condition. I would anyway refer top-quality, orthopedic mattresses. They last longer, look stylish, and prevents common canine diseases. Care for your pet’s health. Give them all your love, attention, care, and top-quality products. In this case, he or she lives long, giving you unconditional love every day.

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